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The card

Italea Card is the card that offers many advantages, discounts and benefits for those who come to Italy to discover their roots.

Are you looking for your roots? Are you planning your trip and want to enjoy discounts and benefits? Italea Card is the ideal passport.

By registering and obtaining your Italea Card, you will have access to exclusive offers and special benefits at the hospitality facilities, companies, organisations and professionals that are part of the Italea network. In addition, you will have the opportunity to participate in special events and activities organised for root travellers, to live a unique and unforgettable experience in Italy.

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Earning “ITALEE” is simple: provide us with some more information about your interests, interact with the portal and with the Partners who join the network…
Find out how at the Italea Traveler Regulations link.


Those who already have the digital Italea Card will be able to show it to all the shops participating in the Italea Card Network to be entitled to the offers, discounts and benefits described in the Portal.

Special discounts and promotions can be territorial or national in nature (see AGREEMENTS). They must be used on site.

To request Italea Card, simply register on the Portal by filling out the REGISTRATION FORM at the Link Do you want to register as a Traveler? Once registered, you will receive the credentials to access the regional offers and the digital card with the identification number.

The Traveller Regulation link of the Italea Card Portal explains how to accumulate points (ITALEE) that will reward virtuous behaviour.

All you need to do is “frequent” the portal and consult the Partner’s proposals to see your “treasure” grow. We have pleasant surprises in store that you will discover soon…

NO, Italea Card points do not expire. You can plan your roots trip to Italy over time.

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In addition to the discounts already provided, we are preparing pleasant surprises for those most “rooted” to our territory with many ITALEE available.

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