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Connecting with your family history helps kickstart your roots journey. Thanks to a genealogy consultation you will be able to find out where you come from or more details about your family of origin.


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Genealogy research is the process that allows you to trace and document your family's lines of descent and follows a very specific process. Accessing this service allows you to discover various information.


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You can try searching for your origins through the services provided by organizations that offer family history search tools. Some of these services are free and others are paid, we report the most accredited ones.

The Portal of the Ancestors makes available online the enormous documentary heritage of civil status documents existing in the Italian State Archives.

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FamilySearch is an international non-profit organization that offers free tools to help you discover your genealogy.

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Everything about Italian surnames: origin of over 38,000 surnames, maps of the most common surnames in Italy, regional and foreign surnames, noble coats of arms...

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