The story of Costanza

From Santiago de Chile to Rimini

01 February 2024

1 minute

The Return

In September 2023, I returned to Italy with the beautiful Boomerang project “Tourism of Roots,” supported by the “Consulta degli emiliano-romagnoli nel Mondo”, to rediscover the lands of my ancestors. In particular Rimini, the seaside town that sparkles with life, sun and sea especially in summer.

The departure

It was a really exciting and enriching trip culturally, humanly, but most of all it was a way to reconnect with this land. During the trip, I understood the story of my great-grandfather who had come to Chile in 1938: since he could not work as a doctor, he had to look for another occupation, and here he turned to the world of hospitality and tourism. That is why he thought of opening a hotel establishment, founding the “Termas El Corazón” spa and bringing the hotel tradition back from the Adriatic to the foothills of the Andes.

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