The story of Francisco

From Buenos Aires to Castelpizzuto

01 February 2024

2 minutes

The journey

Thanks to the journey of my roots in Molise I was able to better understand who I am, to know my origins. The strong connection that was created with the community of Castelpizzuto made me feel at home; In just a few days, I learned many anecdotes about my family from the locals and felt them closer to me, as if they were distant relatives. I knew I was originally from Molise but I didn’t know the town precisely: with genealogical research, we were able to trace the municipality of origin of my family and the birthplace of my great-grandfather.

The experiences

Before arriving in Castelpizzuto, a small town in the province of Isernia, I went to the regional capital, Campobasso, to visit the Monforte Castle, the symbol of the city, and the Samnite museum where ancient finds of the original civilization of Molise are preserved. On the way from Campobasso to my hometown I was enraptured by the landscapes: mountains, woods, sheep pastures, orchards and streams of clear water. To welcome me in Castelpizzuto there were the Mayor and a large delegation of citizens; At that moment I realized that they were waiting for me and that the preparations to receive me had begun long ago because the whole town was celebrating. After seeing the town and its main attractions, we arrived at the Town Hall, where I was able to consult the registers with the birth certificates of my great-grandfather Pietro, great-great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather. There was also another surprise waiting for me: a banquet of Molise specialties, each inhabitant of Castelpizzuto had prepared a different dish for me. Then came the most awaited moment, the visit to the birthplace of my great-grandfather: looking out of the window at the same splendid panorama that he saw every day when he lived there, gave me a unique emotion.

Carpentry: a family tradition

From my journey of the roots I have brought with me many important teachings. Now I feel Molise as part of my life, of my history. This wonderful experience had an impact on my work as a carpenter because I discovered that my great-grandfather also worked with wood and today I use his original tools, which allow me to give a more artisanal touch to my creations. When I found them they were in perfect condition: neat and very sharp, they seemed to be waiting for someone to use them, as if time had never passed.

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