The story of Hektor

From Rio Grande do Sul to Poffabro

01 February 2024

1 minute

The story

I was born in Santiago in 1994 and I live in Ivora, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

My story of emigration begins when my great-grandfather Pietro Antonio Giacomelli, born in 1856, left the small town of Poffabro in 1889.

In search of fortune he arrived in Jaguarì, then Fontana Fredda, where he worked as a farmer.

Since I was a child I have listened to the stories of the land of origin handed down by my grandfather Homero in the Friulian language. From there, the love for the history of my land arose that pushed me to search for the roots of the family and our traditions.

The journey

For the first time, in 2023 I returned to the region of my ancestors immersing myself in the history of Aquileia, Cividale del Friuli, Trieste and visiting some of the excellences, such as the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli (Friuli School of Mosaic Workers) in Spilimbergo, and I saw the spectacular variety of the area, from Tarvisio to Grado. But my heart exploded when I walked the streets of the small town of Poffabro, now one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. There I found the street that bears my surname (Via Giacomelli) and I immediately felt at home.

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