The story of Shannon

Houston to Alvito Lazio

01 February 2024

1 minute

The journey

It was my first trip to the village of my ancestors. While we were walking down the road toward the hill leading to the village, I immediately felt a sense of well-being and peace. As soon as we reached the main square, there was a large group of people waiting for me and my family ready to help us rediscover our history.

The mayor welcomed us with the village marching band and we immediately felt “at home.” The days flew by and I can’t wait to return.

The experiences

One of the experiences I never had was a visit to the church where my ancestors were married. With the help of a local historian and with the support of the guide who spoke our language perfectly, I was able to see the documents of my ancestors and touch them with my own hands. I had never seen a marriage certificate from 1882 handwritten in Latin. Reading those ancient manuscripts with my ancestors’ names moved and touched me. In the evening I attended the church service in the same church. I listened to the sound of the organ and the voices of the choir singing sacred music surrounded by the altars and extraordinary paintings. It was an artistic and religious experience that I will never forget.

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