The story of Matheus

From Belo Horizonte to Fontanarosa

01 February 2024

1 minute

Agriculture opening doors to interculturality and genealogy

What an incredible experience our visit to Fontanarosa was! From the very beginning, you welcomed us warmly and made us feel at home, a gesture we can never forget.

We left Belo Horizonte with our Italian roots shrouded in mystery.

Your passion for olive growing and viticulture was truly contagious. We enjoyed every moment of the knowledge transfer on extra virgin olive oil tasting techniques, an experience that added a special touch to our trip and enriched us deeply. Without the sensory tasting, we would not have been able to fully enter the flavors and smells that enveloped the everyday life of our ancestors-it was exciting, like taking a journey through history.

Brazilian coffee

You have inspired us with your dedication, showing that the connection to the land goes beyond geographical barriers. We in Brazil produce coffee!

Although we are not sure what part of Italy our ancestors came from, we felt a tangible connection to your traditions and felt part of a larger agricultural family.

Now we are ready to find out much more and will definitely consult an experienced genealogist for our family history research.

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