• Ida

    Ida from Florida to Montesano sulla Marcellana

    A long journey to rediscover her grandparents’ affection

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  • Hektor

    From Rio Grande do Sul to Poffabro

    From Rio Grande do Sul to Poffabro. A story of emigration that began with great-grandfather in 1889.

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  • Costanza

    From Santiago de Chile to Rimini

    The exciting return to Rimini from Santiago, Chile, where his great-grandfather emigrated in 1938.

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  • James

    From Pennsylvania to San Lorenzo in Banale

    From Verona in Pennsylvania to San Lorenzo in Banale in Trentino, a town located in the Giudicarie Valleys.

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  • Shannon

    Houston to Alvito Lazio

    From America to Lazio to arrive in Alvito from which ancestors emigrated years ago.

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  • Francisco

    From Buenos Aires to Castelpizzuto

    A journey from Argentina to Castelpizzuto to learn about their origins in Molise.

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  • Matheus

    From Belo Horizonte to Fontanarosa

    From Belo Horizonte to Fontanarosa, an exciting experience to learn about one’s roots.

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  • Romina

    From Argentina to Sassello

    From Argentina to Liguria via Genoa to Sassello, a journey in the footsteps of his great-grandfather.

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